How to successfully launch your first PLR product

Written by ansel

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For online marketers, PLR products (Private Label Rights) are very attractive. They give you the "potential" to start selling a product almost immediately. You don't have to invest the time and effort to create a product, a website or the sales copy. Yet almost everyone who purchases PLR products fails to make a single sale. Why?

It's because it's too easy and everyone can do it - which means the market becomes flooded and it doesn't sell. Also, the sales copy is usually poorly written on PLR Products.

Recently I authored an article "How to sell PLR producs the right way" - and I covered the 4 key points that allows me to sell them successfully. To recap, they include...

  1. Repackage the product
  2. Make a custom cover
  3. Write your own sales copy (or have it written)
  4. Set your own price

But before you even reach that point, there's a first step you need to follow or the above steps won't even matter. What is the very first step?...

You need to purchase quality PLR products.

Most people make the mistake of going to the big PLR libraries, purchasing a membership and then accessing hundreds of products. That's usually the first mistake. For a couple of reasons...

  1. Once again that's what everyone else is doing. You're going to face a lot of competition. Everyone will be selling the same products.
  2. Most (not all) of the PLR products on the big libraries are low quality. Not only is the content lacking any real meat, but the English can also be pretty bad. In some cases it's very obvious that English is not the author's first language. And that's usually because it's outsourced.

With that said, I have found a few decent products in these directories, but they are few and far between.

How do you find quality PLR Products?

You have to dig!

Most people want the easier path and aren't willing to put in the extra time. If you're willing to put in a bit of extra time, this will be your advantage. With a bit of digging you can find quality PLR products that most people haven't found. Less people means less competition.

Where do I go digging?

I use two main options when I'm searching for quality products...

  1. Forums. It can take some time to search through the junk, but forums are a great resource for finding quality PLR products. I've found the best products here. The main reason is because the seller is usually the author, or a marketing partner for the author. In other words they haven't just outsourced a product to list in the big directories. This makes the quality of the content a lot better.
  2. Search engines. This seems obvious, however I don't just look at the first few listings on a search engine. I dig. I'll look through several pages of listings to find a quality PLR product. A lot of authors aren't the best at marketing, which means their PLR product is harder to find. That's good news for you.

Bottom line is, if you spend some time digging you'll find better quality products and a lot less competition from other PLR publishers.

What has your experience been with PLR products? Feel free to share your ideas and experiences below...

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  1. Alvin says:

    Ansel, as usual, great advice!However, can you give us an example on how you find these products? You can walk us though at least one method.I am a member of your club so it is fine if you want to show the example to your members only.Just let us know.


    • Ansel says:

      Hi Alvin,

      Sure, happy to. And thanks for your feedback.

      I usually just type the keyword “name plr” into a forum search box, or into Google. For example, I would type in “low carb diet plr”. Sometimes I will type into a search engine “low carb diet plr forum.”

      But the main thing you need to do is dig through listings. You’ve got to look around.


  2. Tony says:

    Hi Ansel,

    Thanks for sharing, I do agree with you that finding the right combination of PLR products takes a little work, and time. But you have people that don’t take their time.

    I do feel that doing your research and homework and having patience is key area that should be develop and not giving up!!!

    So Ansel thanks again and have nice day, untill next time.


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