How to sell PLR products the right way

Written by ansel

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I’ve been asked a number of times by readers, if selling PLR (Private Label Rights) products actually works. In other words, because so many other people have access to the exact same product can you still generate income and sales from it?

The answer is… Yes! In fact, just this morning I had more sales come in for my private label products than my own products (collectively). Not bad for products I didn’t even have to create.

Note: Overall I do sell more of my own products, but I still do well selling PLR.

So why do my PLR products sell, when others can’t sell any?

The biggest problem people have with PLR, is that they use the graphics (such as the book cover) that comes with the PLR book, video, software, etc. This is the wrong way to go about it. Not only will you be facing a lot of competition (everyone selling the same looking ebook), but if you do start to get sales, it’s not hard for competitors to track down the exact same ebook and start selling it too.

Therefore you have to make yourself unique. Here are my top 4 tips for making PLR products unique and why I get sales for these products when others don’t.

Top 4 tips for getting sales with PLR products…

1. Repackage the product: I purchase several PRL products and package them together to make one product. Be sure to check the products you are packaging together as there are a LOT (most in fact) of PLR products that are just rubbish. Watch out for repetitive content. For example I had to remove one of the ebooks from the package as the content was too similar to another ebook.

2. Make a custom cover: The PLR products I sell have their own custom covers. They are my brand. And although I can’t stop anyone selling the actual ebook, if they have the rights too, I can stop them using my cover, as that’s my brand and I control it 100%.

3. Write your own sales copy (or have it written): In other words use custom sales copy to sell the product. Or better yet, have a custom video made. Just like the point above, you willl own the rights to your own sales copy or video. No one else can use it. You control it. It makes you unique and it’s part of your brand. Whatever you do, don’t use the sales copy that comes with the PLR product.

4. Set your own price: A lot of PLR products price the recommended retail price too low. If you’ve put together a good package, you can charge a lot more for it. I sometimes double or triple the price.

The bottom line is, when it comes to getting sales for PLR, you have to make it look like a custom and unique product. The only way you can do that is to make it your own brand. Give it its own unique look. That’s something you can control. If you do this, you’ll get sales!



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  1. Garry and Twina says:

    Thank you Ansil,

    I never thought that could be done, but then again we are just newbies at this Marketing Game and have a lot to learn from you Guys.

  2. Prakash says:

    Ansel, that was some clean and “smart” moves to add quality to the PLR package and then sell it. I will try it for sure.

    May be, in your next post, you will also share the traffic methods that really works for you. Traffic from affiliates are not possible for most of the beginners. So, apart from that what else traffic method really works? It will be invaluable to get your thoughts on it.

    And thanks for your posts :-)

    • Ansel says:

      Thanks for your comments Prakash.

      We did a post regarding traffic a few of weeks ago, but maybe we can go into more detail in a future post.


  3. Karnjit Hayre says:

    Great post and really helpful. I am creating my first site using plr but following your advice Ansel. I clearly would have gone about it the wrong way.

    I notice the SMTM mentioned a few times and would love to see the site, may I have the url please.



    • Ansel says:

      Hi Kay,

      It’s great to see you on here and thank you for the feedback.

      We actually sold SMTM and no longer have a URL for it. Sorry.


  4. David G. says:

    I tried PLR years ago and did less than poorly. With this great advice I can see exactly what strategies can work for these products.
    Thank you for the post, huge help.

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