Can you sell your digital products (membership sites, ebooks, etc.) on Amazon?

Written by ansel

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Recently I blogged about using eBay to sell my digital products, like membership sites & ebooks, and now I'm doing a similar thing with Amazon - and I'm not talking about Kindle (although I use that too).

Putting Amazon to the test - A real product case study

So here's what I did for my test....

Step 1: Acquired a digital product: I purchased the rights to a few digital products (in a non-Internet Marketing niche). I had to delete a few of the ebooks as the quality wasn't good. With the remaining quality products I assembled a nice little package. Total cost for my package, including the bad ones: $41 (this package could also be turned into a membership site).

Step 2: I had a DVD cover & disc designed on Fiverr. Total cost: $15

Step 3: I listed the product on Amazon's marketplace, with fulfillment by us.

Step 4: I received the first order within two days and another one after that.

Step 5: I switched over to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and had my CD duplication company send Amazon some stock.

Step 6: Amazon generated another sale for me the day they received the stock and they filled the order that same day. They then somehow lost the rest of my stock (CDs) and paid me for all of them.

Step 7: Sent more stock to Amazon, which also went missing (maybe their warehouse guys liked the product :), but they paid for all of them. It was the same as getting a bunch of sales in one go. Note: They don't normally lose stock. I think there was a bit of a problem with my duplication company including the order information with the stock. Anyway, I was paid for all of it as though they were sales to customers at retail price. Amazon deposited the money directly into my bank account within 14 days for all of the orders and stock.

Step 8: I sent a 3rd lot of stock. Amazon started getting sales for it pretty much the same day.

Step 9: Amazon has almost sold out the small amount of stock and I'm about to have my duplication company send them a larger amount of CDs tonight.

Step 10: I'm now working on adding more products like this to my Amazon library. I will repeat the above steps with each product (although most of them will not be licensed products, I will pay to have them written and some I will write myself).

I have to say that using Fulfillment By Amazon is really nice. I have no involvement in the order process, support, website maintenance, etc. apart from requesting stock to be sent to them. And I don't have to generate ANY traffic! I just had to list it. Once! Amazon then deposits the funds from the sales directly into my bank account - like clockwork.


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  1. Anthony says:

    Can you tell us what the product is?

    • Ansel says:

      I did consider it, but unfortunately I think there would be some copycats if I do. I may release it at a later date, but not while it’s so new. Sorry.


      • Tim says:

        Nice post Ansel…

        Without revealing your product…
        is it possible to mention the niche?
        or may be couple of niches that you think this would work with? 🙂

        I’m just so used to selling IM products, that I always forget that there are other things people are buying! 😀

        Good post, though, thanks for the heads up.

        • Ansel says:

          Thanks for your feedback Tim. I appreciate it.

          Sure, I’ll let you know the one I’m working on now. It’s in the prepper/survival niche.

          I know what you mean about the IM niche. It’s really good to sell outside of it and realize that there’s a lot of hot selling (and better selling) markets out there.


  2. Paul Pickering says:

    Hi Ansel,

    Good post!

    Do you know if it’s possible to sell recurring subscription products or membership sites using Amazon?

    I have a B2B product that’s almost ready to launch. I viewed Matt’s video and it got my creative juices flowing, but I can’t find out whether they allow that.

    • Ansel says:

      Thanks for your feedback on the post Paul.

      Yes, you can sell subscriptions. It works kinda like a blog. However, we haven’t looked into it much and Matt doesn’t cover this area in his course.

      Your other option of course is to publish it as a digital magazine on Google Play and Apple store.


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